Tropical Fruit Bliss

This wonderful scent will magically transport you to the beach under a nice shady coconut tree, sipping on a delicious cocktail, well maybe not literally, its sweetness will make you wish you were on a tropical, exotic holiday. This candle scent has a delicious mouthwatering array of island fruits, infused with natural orange essential oils with a hint of coconut, passion fruit and mango fragrance. It comes in yellow, orange or white.  A sweet, superb, delectable scent like a basket of freshly picked tropical fruits.

Zesty Caribbean Mint

This truly is a glorious, fresh scent that will sure to lift your spirit and senses. It comes in blue or white, this candle scent is a nostalgic aroma of a breezy day near the sea shores, combined with a crisp blend of herbal peppermint and spearmint essential oils, creating an incredibly fresh, clean airiness, making it true to its name. It is uplifting, yet refreshing with a beautiful and strong aroma that will captivate and energize you. 

Candle Care & Safety

Using Your Candle

Remove all wrapping before burning your new candle. The first time you burn your new candle, it is recommended that you allow it to burn until a full melt pool is reached or close to corner of shell/container.On average, it can take 2-3 hours to reach a full burn pool, this will allow your candle to establish a memory burn, and thus optimize it's scent throw and burn life. If a correct memory burn is not established on the first lighting, the candle will likely tunnel burn leaving most of the wax by the sides of the shell or container, greatly reducing scent throw, burn life and will also waste much of the wax. Before relighting, trim the top of the wick, making sure no trimmings are left in the wax. Keeping the wicks trimmed will prevent smoking, soot and high flame. Candles left near drafty areas can cause smoking and will also cause your candles to burn unevenly and may present a fire hazard. Store candles in a cool, dry place will prevent fading and fragrance loss. It's always a safe practice to burn candles on protected, non-flammable, heat resistant surfaces, and to never burn them on, in or near anything flammable. To prevent heat damage or fire, discontinued use of your candle is recommended when only 1/4"of wax remains in the bottom of the container.Although in most cases your candle will out when reach at the small metal base at the bottom of shell. For your safety do not burn while away. Please keep burning and cooling candles out of reach of children and pets.Never leave a burning candle in a room unattended.
"Bringing the best of nature to you".

Island Spice Delight

 An exotic sensual scent, is without a doubt  is an explosion of cinnamon stick, nutmeg and vanilla essential oil.  Offering  a luxurious, spicy, seductive aroma that will entice and enchant you. It is a beautiful well balance candle scent offers a warm, seductive and sophisticated treat to the senses. So you can relax and forget your toughest days with this luxuriously blended candle. It usually comes in red or white.

Lemongrass Heaven

Our aromatic Lemongrass Heaven candle is refreshing combination the fresh, citrus, earthy notes of lemongrass and the sophisticated, sweet, clean notes of green tea. It comes in various shades of green with unique themed accents of birds or flowers. This hand poured candle would fill your home with a wonderful and invigorating aroma. It is sure to awaken and appeal to your senses. Lemongrass is known locally as fevergrass, it is quite similar to citronella and is said to be a natural mosquito repellent.